Stephen Carratt - Developer

Stephen is a computer science student living in Fort Collins. He programmed his first game on a TI-83 calculator while sitting in a high school algebra class and has never looked back.



Kerim Akyuz - Lead Artist

Kerim is a lifetime student of Art and Illustration in the Netherlands, currently doing freelance work. 

He wants his epitaph to read "He drew a lot."



Jack Gabriel - Lead Writer

Jack is a teacher and freelance writer living in Auckland, New Zealand. He divides his free time between writing, procrastination, and drinking too much coffee. 


Jessee Macklin - Editor

Jessee graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in English Literature. She spends her free time writing video game related blogs and building the perfect Pokemon team.



Chris Scribner - Composer

Chris is a professional composer and music producer living in Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada. He has more than five years experience in the field of recording and producing independent artists and is a graduate from the Centre for Arts and Technology with a diploma in Audio Engineering.


Simon Clarke - Demo Writer

Simon is a writer, journalist and broadcaster with a personal and professional interest in increasing awareness and resources for mental health. He is based in the UK, in North Wales - the land of dragons, mountains and song.




Mark Gross - Head of Beta Testing

Mark is a true gamer at heart, and works to make sure the game is both entertaining and bug-free. He also hits the road and helps run the booth at our public events. Mark has always loved RPGs, from Final Fantasy to the Elder Scrolls series, and is eager to help create something that people can truly enjoy.